Who We Are

We are Silicon Valley based volunteer run 501(c)(3) that has been working with the homeless in the area since 2009.  Our mission is to help eradicate homelessness and transform lives.  We are listed as a Service Provider in Santa Clara County and on the City of San Jose Homeless Resource Guide.


What We Do

You can help give a lifeline to the homeless

We bring WIFI, computers, printer, display screens, career closet, grooming and much more to the front lines of homelessness.  Our services include relocation to more affordable areas, detox/recovery connections, email/internet training – jobs/housing searches….


Where We Work

 South Bay – Silicon Valley

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We are rapidly expanding, Hi Tech Rover #2 is coming soon and we are looking for funding to cover our operational budget to expand our territory and our service schedule.  There is a high demand for what we do and we need your help. Please contact us for more information.