John Canham

about_page-224x300Shooting professionally for over 30 years, It was the first image that appeared on photographic paper in a small High School dark room that truly inspired my life long love and passion for art and photography. Since then, I have viewed life through the lens of a camera, and as the inevitable came to pass, by the 80′s, this interest became my life’s pursuit…with hundreds of magazine covers and thousands of spreads.

The best secret to success is honesty and integrity. Good things come to good people, there’s no substitute for hard work, and even if you can cheat your way to success, that’s not success at all. And there’s bigtime power in simply being kind to others. That’s how you open up your heart and radiate positive energy, generate your own inspiration, and stay high on life all the time. And finally, this ones a hard one for some people, Learn to stop worrying and trust in GOD. The best advice I evergot was “never stop learning”.