Stevie’s Story

Karen Addato is the Founder and Executive Director of BOSN.  Her passion to help the homeless began with the loss of her younger brother Stevie to the streets.  Stevie had been homeless and missing for 12 years.  Through a chain of miraculous events Karen was able to locate Stevie just before he passed away as a result of homelessness and addiction.  Stevie was found 3500 miles away behind a liquor store in a wooden shack that he had built.  The internet made this connection possible.

Inspired by these events and by the technology that made the connection possible, Karen began her journey to try and help others like her brother and to find ways to help solve the problem of homelessness using technology.

What began as a weekly bag lunch delivery in 2009 at St. James homeless park with her then 9 year old has grown into a thriving non profit organization that has lead with innovative approaches and made a positive impact in the lives of many homeless men, women and children.

Stevie would have wanted it that way.  His pictures are proudly displayed  in the Hi Tech Rovers to this day and his story is shared with everyone that comes on board.

Karen has done street outreach since 2009

Dylan, (right), is Karen’s son. They began outreach when he was 9 years old