Karen’s Story

Founder and Executive Director Karen Addato

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My story runs deep, heart breaking at times but an incredible testimony of how good things can come from bad experiences.  For how can it be that through the sorrow of losing my own brothers to addiction and homelessness that I’ve found my passion to look beyond myself to help strangers that are hurting? Something beautiful evolved from my loss that was truly unexpected, I realized my problems paled in comparison to some that I had met and to reach out to the less fortunate in their dark and cold hideaways, to touch their hearts and even help save their lives sometimes, it’s a journey of the heart, theirs and mine, and that’s where it all begins.

I can’t bring back my brothers and erase what has happened but what I can do is this and for me what a wonderful tribute it would be to them and a legacy to leave behind to hopefully help many others for years to come.

Looking back before this all happened I did not know I would find myself on this path working with the homeless, life has a way of sneaking these things up on us sometimes and I am happy that I took this turn in the road.  It’s been a marvelous journey and I can only imagine what lies ahead.

In my minds eye I can see no children, no mothers, no families hiding in cars, tents, living outside.  I won’t stop until that is accomplished, and that… is only a baseline.

It’s time for a new way, a new beginning with how we deal with this problem and It’s time to use technology to get the job done.

Please join me in moving these mountains to bring the much needed change to solve this human crisis here in Silicon Valley and beyond.   It’s much more than providing shelter and food, it’s about saving lives and bringing new beginnings.


Karen Addato

Karen has done outreach since 2008 on the front lines with the homeless (Pro Bono)

Dylan, (on right), is Karen’s son. He and Karen began outreach when he was 9 years old