Karen & Dylan’s Story

Karen Addato, Hi Tech Rover Founder and Executive Director, has had personal experience with being poverty stricken as a child.  She knows full well the inherent struggles and disadvantages.  She believes that this rocky start in life played a role in her losing her brothers to homelessness and addiction later in life.

From this she’s also learned that going through such hardship early on can play a significant role in holding someone back from pursuing higher learning and how this can impede breaking the cycle.

Karen and her then 9 year old son Dylan, began doing outreach at homeless parks in Silicon Valley in 2009.  What began as a weekly visits and bag lunch delivery with her son has grown into an organization that is leading the way with innovative approaches.   One of which is the first of it’s kind Hi Tech Rover customized event vehicle.

In partnership with the Santa Clara County Dept. of Education and with future corporate and other sponsors our Hi Tech Rovers will be brought to school campuses to help the homeless youth stabilize, thrive and reach for the stars.

Thanks for your interest and please feel free to contact us for more information and to create a customized corporate sponsorship.


Karen has done street outreach since 2009 on the front lines.

Dylan, (on right), is Karen’s son. He and Karen began outreach when he was 9 years old