San Jose Sharks Foundation

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Meet this Silicon Valley homeless family…Weeks before Christmas a 9 month pregnant mother (due date Christmas eve) and 3 children reached out to us for help, they were living in car in the cold , no shelter available in all of Silicon Valley or the County. We immediately set them up for e-sponsorship, sent out an email blast with this flier Christmas Baby Silicon Valley Dec 9 to over 500 churches and others in the community.  Many people from the community sponsored motel fees right away.  San Jose Sharks member got the mailer and and featured our org at the December 23rd San Jose Sharks game on the big screens for the raffle throughout the event.  This generated funds for advance rent/deposit.

The mother went in to labor while we were at the Sharks game and had her baby while we were promoting her cause!

SUCCESS! We were able to get and keep them out of the car the same night, help her secure job, housing search, child care and got them in to perm housing without using any taxpayers dollars or government subsidies.  The baby is healthy and the family is happy and very thankful. The children did not even have to change schools or miss one day of school!  Thanks San Jose Sharks and other sponsors for your help!   The mobile app ROVA is designed to help facilitate this service and much more.  We need Corporate Sponsors to bring ROVA to life.  Contact us to learn more. 

Key to their new place in hand!