Schedule Changes

2017 Update:

We are leading with technology and as such, we will continue to reach out to try and secure Corporate Sponsorship to cover the build and operational costs for the proposed ROVA Mobile App Network and the Hi Tech Rover program.  We are looking forward to being able to bring much greater help to those in need using our innovative technology.

All of us at BOSN Hi Tech Rover (including Exec Director/Board members etc)  have worked pro bono since the start.  At times it’s been a full time, 7 day per week commitment, all without pay. Occasionally our endeavors have been funded by the E.D. with her own personal funds.  It has been a labor of love and we look forward to continuing and bringing new hope to the homeless and poverty stricken.  To better focus on helping on a much greater scale, we’ve made the decision to await funding of the APP, which will infuse funding into the Rover program so that we may continue our programing on a whole new level with a much greater impact, using technology.

After years of grant writing, outreach to community at large (public and private sector) we’ve been unable to come even close to funding out our basic operational costs for the Hi Tech Rover Program, therefore, our outreach schedule has been cut back temporarily and may change from week to week.   Please contact us to find out when we will conduct our next outreach.

During this period, any donations that may come in will be used for our e sponsorship program to help individual homeless families and scaled back operational costs..  Contact us for more information on “e sponsorship” program and learn how it works by reading about a recent success story here. 

Thanks for your interest and please spread the word about Corporate Sponsorship opportunities.